Mission and Values

Vision Statement

The Child Educational Center is a Caring Educational Community:

  • Where children are valued, thrive, and reach their full potential as individuals and contributing members of society.
  • Where the community and its members are enriched by the participation of each individual.
  • Where there is a commitment to the realization of similar ideals throughout the world.

Mission Statement

The Child Educational Center’s mission is to support the development of happy, caring and productive human beings by providing:

  • A nurturing environment for children
  • Support and education for families
  • A stimulating learning and social atmosphere based on developmentally appropriate practices

To ensure a high quality, child care program by:

  • Committing to worthy wages, and to staff growth and development
  • Combining the Child Educational Center's capabilities and resources with those of its community and sponsors
  • Applying new techniques and concepts as they prove effective in the development of successful human beings

To contribute to a high quality of life for children beyond the Child Educational Center by:

  • Providing a model for quality child care
  • Sharing our acquired knowledge and experience with others
  • Advancing research and development in early childhood education

Nurturing: Of our children, families and staff
Openness: Of our people and our processes
Integrity: Of the individual and the institution
Excellence: Of our care and programs
Innovation: In our programs
Service To the broader community
Diversity: Of people and ideas
Respect: For all