Organizational Structure

Child Educational Center Board of Trustees 2015-2016

Kira Johnson, President
Daisy Ha, Vice President, Governance
Elizabeth Gerber, Vice President, Advancement
Ray Morris, Secretary
Laif Swanson, Treasurer

Mary Baerg
Robert Barry
Lisa Cain-Chang
Lauren Kaye
Katie Fallin Kenyon
Joyce Kwon
Ana Lee
Michelle McGinnis
Elyssa Nelson
Eric Nelson
Chris Pisano
Melanie Sauer
Janet Sedhom
Adam Steltzner

"Here is really little difference between what goes on in the yards during the daytime and what happens at the Board meetings each month. Every Board member feels valued and listened to sometimes we even wait for our turn to talk. We work out our difference with words most of the time. We encourage openness, kindness and acceptance of each individual, and we love and respect each other. Most importantly, from time-to-time, we realize how the CEC has enriched our lives and that we truly are the happiest people on earth."

-Kathi McClure-Wight, Former Board of Trustees Member and Current Community Advisory Board Member