Child Care Planning Associates

Child Care Planning Associates (CCPA) has delivered professional consulting services to employers, developers, municipalities and child care professionals since 1985. CCPA's consultants have applied their expertise to areas such as corporate and municipal needs assessment, master planning, facility design and center start-up. For more information about our services, call 626-296-1770.

Consultation Evaluation

To assist you in developing child care or work/family policy or programs, CCPA conducts a customized needs assessment. For existing child care operations, our program review identifies areas where further development or training would be helpful.


We use a variety of planning techniques to ensure long-term success for your project. Strategic plans guide your organization in implementing programs. Tactical plans provide direction for specific courses of action. Our feasibility studies determine the value of your new service before you invest the resources.

Design and Implementation

Once a program is determined to be viable, we offer a full spectrum of technical support. CCPA provides comprehensive service, from specialized assistance to total project development.

Training Staff Training and Parent Support

Our teacher training and parent education services include much more than teaching parenting skills. We emphasize the importance of each person's individual development, as well as their effectiveness in a child care setting.

Administrative Systems and Director Development

A successful child care center director must have a rare combination of skills, education and systems support. Our service addresses skill development for directors as well as administrative systems and technology.

Board Training and Fund Development

Our board training and fund development programs focus on the opportunities unique to the child care field. We are able to draw on our experience in successfully developing a 21 person board that has raised tens of thousands of dollars annually.