Application Process

Families interested in enrollment at the Child Educational Center may call us at (818) 354-3418 to schedule a tour. In addition, we encourage families to complete and submit the appropriate application to begin the enrollment process.

Infant-Toddler, Preschool, and Cooperative Preschool Programs
Although most of our actual admissions into the program occur between mid-May and mid-September of each year, with planning done between April and June, we do experience some vacancies mid-year. We hold everyone's applications in our waiting pool throughout the year in the event a vacancy appears. Each year in January, we update the waiting pool list by sending out a form to each family on the list and ask that it be completed and returned. Only those families who return the form are kept in the pool.

“…This center is a magical, wonderful place. It changes people, their hearts and their minds in ways that enrich us forever.”

- Denise Alvarado, Master Lead Teacher and with the CEC since 1985