Enrollment is open to any child without discrimination in regard to sex, race, color, or creed, provided the child will benefit from the program offered, and not pose a threat to the health and safety of other children enrolled or to the staff. Infants who are 6 weeks to 2 months of age may be admitted following an interview with the infant program director. A number of other factors are considered, including: date of application, scholarship qualification, and philosophic compatibility of parents with the program.

The process of matching is also a central factor. In this process, Program Directors assess the program in terms of the composition of the group. It is not unlike curriculum planning, in which complex enriched environments are developed to facilitate learning among all peoples involved.

The most important part of our curriculum is people. As a result, optimal matches are important. Factors considered in this process include: age, characteristics of development, balance of boys/girls in groups, special needs, adequate clustering of minority children. With the above in mind, children are enrolled in an effort to reflect as much diversity as possible so that children are thriving. Each child is considered as he/she relates to a fit within an already existing group.

Vacancies that are reserved more than two weeks in advance of actual enrollment require a non-refundable payment of the first month's tuition upon reservation.