Our Board of Trustees is comprised of professional members of our community who volunteer to lead the governance of, oversee the financial management of, and uphold the bylaws of, the organization.  New board members are elected by the general membership of the CEC, and confirmed at the CEC’s Annual Member’s Meeting, held each September.

2017-2018 Board of Trustees

Kira Johnson, President
Elizabeth Gerber, Vice President of Advancement
Daisy Ha, Vice President of Governance
Katie Fallin Kenyon, Secretary
Laif Swanson, Treasurer

Megan Lorenz Angarita
Robert Barry
Sandra Bordi, ex-officio
Lisa Cain-Chang
Amy Fiore
Lauren Kaye
Ana Lee
Michelle McGinnis
Ray Morris
Elyssa Nelson
Eric Nelson
Dianne Parker
Christopher Pisano
Adam Steltzner
Kelsey Szamet
Annie Wang