A Message from the CEC's Program Director 4-3-18

Professional Development Day Closure

The Infant, Toddler and Preschool program will be closed for children on Friday, April 20th to allow the teachers and directors to attend the California Association for the Education of Young Children’s annual state conference in Pasadena. In addition, numerous staff will be attending the Leadership Day earlier in the week.

We look forward to an enriching learning experience as well the opportunity for our teachers to engage with others in the early childhood field by attending workshops on curriculum, health and safety, child development, leadership, advocacy, and more. CEC staff will be presenting several of these workshops. Professional development opportunities provide our staff with up-to-date research and information regarding best practices and serve as inspiration as we continue to innovate and advance our understanding and our daily work with children.

The CEC’s Philosophy…Did You Know?

The CEC’s philosophy of holistic care and learning is based on the life works of numerous theorists in the field of psychology and education. In order to share the heart of our approach and its value to children’s development, I will periodically provide information through this newsletter about theorists and the implications of their work in our daily practice. I hope this information will help you understand the theoretical foundations of our philosophy more fully. As always, Ellen, Erinn, Allegra and Talar are delighted to talk with you about child development and how the CEC’s approach, practices and curriculum enhance children’s learning and healthy psychological development.

Featured Theorist: Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget (1896 to 1980) was a Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher. His studies of learning in young children led to the development of the constructivist theory of knowledge. This linking of human experience, behavior patterns, and learning has had a major impact on education theory. Read here for more details about his life and body of work.

Do you know or recognize the terms "conservation," "schemas," "sensorimotor," "preoperational," "concrete operational," "formal operations"? Read more.

Lisa Cain-Chang

The Spring Used Clothing & Toy Sale Is Here!

It is time for the Spring CEC Used Clothing, Toys, and Books Sale!

Clothing Sale Clothes.jpg

The CEC's Parent Council will host this opportunity to purchase donated children's clothing, toys and books for bargain prices.  For the previous 2016-2017 school year, 100% of the End-of-Year parties were funded by monies raised by this sale. What a great way to easily and efficiently drive this tradition. It is also a great way to clean out your closets!

Please bring your gently used children's clothes, shoes, maternity wear, toys and children's books to the Oak Grove site's Whale Room (multi-purpose room) or main office starting Monday, March 19th.  The last day for donation with be Mar. 30th.

(In support of the CEC vision of a commercial free childhood we will not be selling character licensed clothing or toys.)

Sale Dates:

• Thursday - Saturday, April 12, 13, and 14 at the Oak Grove Site (140 Foothill Blvd. La Canada)

Sale Times:

• Thursday and Friday: Early morning (7:00 am - 9:30 am) and late afternoon (4:15 pm - 5:45 pm)

• Saturday: 7:45 am - 12:00 pm (This is open to the public so tell your expecting friends and co-workers about this great chance to visit the CEC and stock up! We usually have a ton of newborn sizes.)

Parent Participation:

There are many great opportunities to earn Parent Participation hours by sorting the clothes, setting up for the sale, staffing during the sale hours and clean-up. 

Staff Appreciation Week: March 5-9, 2018

Dear Parents,

Each year, the Directors and Board of Trustees of the CEC acknowledge our loving and dedicated staff by declaring a week for staff appreciation. This year, we will once again ask parents to join us in celebrating our staff members by bringing flowers and notes of appreciation throughout the week.

Notes to Staff: All too often, in the rush of the day, we may not have time to express our genuine appreciation to staff for being the ones who love, nurture, and teach our children when we are not with them. Writing a note of appreciation is a wonderful way to share affirming thoughts with teachers, administrative staff or directors. Your notes do not have to be long to be meaningful. Your note can be written to an individual or a group such as all the teachers in a particular room, yard, office or site. 

Flowers: We also encourage parents to bring a flower or bouquet during the week to their child's group to help make the rooms look festive and beautiful. Simple and from your garden would be lovely, as would flowers that are purchased. We will have plenty of vases on hand so please don't feel the need to buy one.

Banners: Your group's Room Parents (or Site Directors for the School-Age Program) will be taking the lead on making a celebratory banner to be hung in the room, ready to welcome the staff on the first day of the Staff Appreciation Week. If you would like to participate in making the banner, please contact your Room Parents or a School-Age Director.

Staff Lunch: The CEC will be providing a special luncheon for all staff on Friday, March 9. A small gift will also be given to each staff member.  

Please Note:  We are not soliciting money or gifts. The CEC budget includes funds for this event. We are only requesting personal notes and flowers from parents to remind staff that the important work they do is noticed and appreciated.

Thank you for your support of the staff,   

Lisa Cain-Chang
Program Director 

Shower the CEC staff with notes and flowers all week: March 5-9