Welcome New Board Members!

New Board Members 17.png

Each year, the CEC’s Board of Trustees approves new Board members, who are then presented to the general membership (CEC parents and employees) for confirmation. Most people vote through the proxy process. This voting process is a simple and extremely important moment for the CEC organization, since the CEC Board is responsible for the governance of the organization, ensuring its fiscal health, and remaining true to the CEC’s vision and mission. The members of our Board, led by CEC alum parent and Board President Kira Johnson, are a highly engaged, committed, and caring group, representing a broad range of professional skills and expertise.

New Board members were formally accepted by the CEC membership at the Annual Members’ Meeting last week. We enthusiastically welcome the following new members and look forward to the unique contribution they will each make in the coming three years:

  • Dianne Parker
  • Kelsey Szamet
  • Megan Lorenz Angarita
  • Amy Fiore, filling the position designated for a CEC teacher
  • Sandra Bordi, filling the position designated for a Parent Council Chair (ex-officio)

To learn more about each of these members, brief bios are included here.

At the same time that we welcome new members, several Board members are departing after years of service. Each of the following people made an important, if not critical, contribution to the Board during their tenure.. We are honored to recognize the following Board members for their generous service to the CEC:

  • Mary Baerg (2010 – 2017), former Board President, who led the Board in the development of the current Strategic Plan.
  • Janet Sedhom (2013 – 2017), who contributed thoughtful wisdom as the designated teacher on the Board.
  • Joyce Kwon (2016 – 2017), who provided a vital connection between the Parent Council and the Board of Trustees as Co-Chair of the CEC Parent Council.