Devils Gate Reservoir Update

Devil’s Gate Reservoir Restoration Project Update LINK 

As this project enters its second month, there have been several changes to the plans for emissions and air quality monitoring, as well as dust abatement. We have been informed that the County’s original plans to monitor air quality have once again been amended. It is our understanding that now, in lieu of air monitoring via sensors, the trucks involved in transporting sediment are being inspected to ensure they are 2010 models or newer, which means they meet updated emissions standards. In addition, we are told that tailpipe emissions will be spot checked at some point in the future.

The air monitoring that has been done so far has been implemented  by the County.  While there are monitoring devices located around the project, the only one close to the schools is located on top of the gym at La Canada High School.  According to the Superintendent of the La Canada School District (LCUSD), these monitors have not been helpful for practical purposes because the data is published in an untimely fashion, and it is not user friendly - plus, none of the devices are in the breathable zone. Therefore, the LCUSD’s environmental consultant will be installing monitors by the end of the month at District’s expense. These devices will capture real-time data.  There will be five stations linked to their servers, and the data is being configured by the consultant to read as green (good air quality), yellow (unhealthful for sensitive receptors), and red (unhealthful for all).  The devices are also being configured to trigger real-time notifications when its yellow or red. LCUSD has generously agreed to include the CEC in the alert notification so that we'll be alerted when we need to respond.  

In addition to the  changes in the air monitoring approach, the County has also installed a truck tire wash at the exit of the project site in order to reduce dirt on the local roads. Anecdotally, we have noticed a marked difference in the amount of dirt on the roads and will continue to monitor our air filters.  

Please make sure to contact me if you have any questions.