Thank you for your support!

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in our Family Music Festival and Online Auction! We hope you had fun! 

Family Music Festival 2017

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors & Committees

Individual Sponsors

$5,000 - Orchestra Sponsor

Suzy Lawrence, D.A. Davidson & Co

$2,500 - Chamber Orchestra Sponsor Arthur, Kathy, and Anthony Marganian

$1,500 - Marching Band Sponsor
Sea Lion Room Sponsorship

$1,000- Jazz Band Sponsor
Bunny Room Sponsorship
Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union
Dan and Andrea Jeffries
Ellen's Silkscreening
Flying Squirrel Room Sponshipship
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Koala Room Sponsorship
The Garrett Family Foundation

$500 - Concert Band Sponsor
Appie Room Sponsorship
Arthur J. Gallager & Co. Insurance
Bronwyn Pollock & Michael Berg
Caroline Tran Photography
Daisy Ha and Sam Kim
Dolphin Room Sponsorship
Eagle Room Sponsorship
Elisha & Ryan Mackey
Green Hasson Janks
Hershey Cause Communications
John Bell
John & Sandra Bordi
Katie & Matt Kenyon
Panda Room Sponsorship
Unicorn Room Sponsorship
Zebra Room Sponsorship

$250 - String Quartet Sponsor
American Outdoor Advertising, Inc.
Bob Smith Toyota
Brannon Hollis and Family
Caltech Women's Club
CEC Administrative Team
Christopher & Sarina Stogel
Gillian Abercrombie Frame, Partners Trust
IT-Training and Consulting, Inc.
Jeff and Stacy Weiss
Ray & Cris Morris
The Pisano Family
Vince's Auto Service

$100 - Drum and Bugle Corp Sponsor
Bruce & Joyce Lafko
Ella Cameron & Kirk McKenzie
Judy Kenyon & Dick Martin
Kristina Bell & Andrei Marinescu
Laif Swanson
Roberta Liao & Christopher Rivas
The Kaye Family

Auction Committee

Jennifer Jenkins, Co-Chair
Nichola Walker, Co-Chair

Paula Antoshechkin
Amanda Carter
Karen Yan Hall
Tim Hartley
Jennifer Johnson
Sarah Peterson
Lisa Prince
Basak Alper Ramaswamy
Jade Sealey
Adrien Theuer
Stacy Weinstein-Weiss
Sizhen Yoshida

Festival Committee

Kathy Marganian, Chair
Rachel Bitan
Ella Cameron
Brandi Carrier
Cory Goings
Annalise Kordell
Jules Lee
Marisa Palucis
Erin Shih
Jessica Samuels
Michelle Wilby