• It takes a community of parents, teachers, children and others working together to create the optimal program of child care and early childhood education.
  • Everyone involved with the CEC community is important and needed for the CEC to function and thrive.


  • Our primary mission is that of caring for children and that same commitment to caring extends to all those involved with the CEC.
  • The fundamentals of caring include physical well being, but our philosophy and practice of caring is deeply rooted in our understanding of the psychology of human growth, development and behavior.
  • At its foundation, we view caring as the unqualified respect for the uniqueness of each person’s spirit.

learning & loving

  • While children’s development and learning is our central focus, we see everyone involved with the CEC as learning through their involvement.
  • The CEC is responsible for facilitating and supporting everyone’s learning.
  • We view the organization as a learning community which is continuously evolving.
  • Utilizing the outdoors as an equal partner in learning to indoor spaces, children and adults experience a connection to the natural world that supports exploration and learning, as well as a reverence for all living things.
  • Loving underlies everything that we do and is fundamental to the success of all of our efforts.


  • The CEC is also about creating – creating a better world for children as well as assisting the adults in its community to create better lives for themselves.
  • It is a dynamic enterprise, always looking for ways to do more and to do it better.
  • Children are nurtured and encourage to gradually assume personal responsibility for their actions and to become eager learners and creators.