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The Heart of the CEC

The Child Educational Center’s mission is to support the development of happy, caring and productive human beings, to ensure high-quality child care programs, and to contribute to a high quality of life for children beyond the Child Educational Center.

In our caring and educational community:

  • Children are valued, thrive, and reach their full potential as individuals and contributing members of society.

  • The community and its members are enriched by the participation of each individual.

  • There is a commitment to the realization of similar ideals throughout the world through educational outreach.

NURTURING: Of our children, families, and staff                                    OPENNESS: Of our people and our processes

INTEGRITY: Of the individual and the institution                                   EXCELLENCE: Of our care and programs

INNOVATION: In our programs                                                                  SERVICE: To the broader community

DIVERSITY: Of people and ideas                                                                RESPECT: For all


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“…This center is a magical, wonderful place. It changes people, their hearts and their minds in ways that enrich us forever.”
           - Denise Alvarado, Master Lead Teacher since 1985