Our Philosophy

We believe that the primary value a child care program must embrace is providing the quality of loving that is critical to a child's well-being. At the CEC, this value permeates all aspects of our environment, programs, and interactions with adults and other children. With this at the center of the CEC, we have developed a description of what constitutes loving values and behavior:

  • Accepting children as they are, valuing their uniqueness.
  • Assisting children to perceive their world holistically, recognizing the connection and interdependence among all things, valuing uniqueness and diversity.
  • Nurturing and accepting children through interactions and that demonstrate respect, compassion and genuine care for each individual.
  • Maintaining a secure environment through provision of clear, consistent limits for behavior and by explanations of behavior and events.
  • Encouraging children to develop increasing and age-appropriate levels of self-sufficiency through taking responsibility for themselves, their actions, and their environment.
  • Encouraging clear communication, verbal expression of feelings, sensitivity to others' needs and attunement with one's own needs.
  • Modeling loving behavior in our interpersonal relations, and encouraging children to do the same.
  • Through immersion in outdoor environments, children and adults build the foundation for a holistic connection to the natural world.

For more information about the CEC and our values, read our Initiating Principles, created upon our founding in 1979.